Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses
Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses
Back of Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses
Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses Gathered Back
Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses Smocked Neckline
Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses with tights
Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses with boots Lifestyle
Girl kneeling in Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses
Girl sitting in Dress Royal Blue / Seahorses
Dress Emerald / Unicorn
Back of Dress Emerald / Unicorn
Dress Emerald / Unicorn Smocked Neckline
Dress Emerald / Unicorn Gathered Back
Girl at beach wearing Dress Emerald / Unicorn Lifestyle
Two girls wearing Emerald / Unicorn Dress
Girl wearing Emerald / Unicorn Dress
Dress Teal / Elephants
Back of Dress Teal / Elephants
Dress Teal / Elephants Gathered Back
Dress Teal / Elephants Smocked Neckline
Dress Teal / Elephants with Tights
Girl in Teal / Elephants Dress
Girl wearing Dress Teal / Elephants Lifestyle
Dress Grey / Giraffes
Back of Dress Grey / Giraffes
Dress Grey / Giraffes Gathered Back
Dress Grey / Giraffes Smocked Neckline
Dress Grey / Giraffes with Sweater
Dress Grey / Giraffes with Tights Lifestyle
Dress Pink / Snails
Dress Pink / Snails Gathered Back
Dress Pink / Snails Smocked Neckline
Girl playing in Dress Pink / Snails Lifestyle
Girl wearing Dress Pink / Snails with Tights
Dress Pink / Snails with Tights
Dress Aqua / Peacocks
Back of Dress Aqua / Peacocks
Girl twirling in Dress Aqua / Peacocks
Girl dancing in Dress Aqua / Peacocks Lifestyle
Dress Pink / Flamingos
Dress Pink / Flamingos Gathered Back
Dress Pink / Flamingos Smocked Neckline
Dress Pink / Flamingos with jean jacket Lifestyle
Dress Grey / Pandas
Dress Grey / Pandas Gathered Back
Dress Grey / Pandas Smocked Neckline
Girl dancing in Dress Grey / Pandas Lifestyle
Girl wearing Grey / Pandas Dress
Dress Grey / Pandas with Tights
Dress Aqua / Mermaid
Dress Aqua / Mermaid with long sleeve shirt Lifestyle
Dress Yellow / Honeybees
Dress Yellow / Honeybees Gathered Back
Girl wearing Dress Yellow / Honeybees Lifestyle


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This dress has a smocked neckline with ruffled detailing at the back for added vintage appeal. This all-season dress cut from ultra-soft organic cotton jersey fabric, a touch of stretch for comfort and just enough fabric for the twirl in every girl. Wee Urban has bold graphics that make a unique addition to her well- curated wardrobe. Layer over with a cute cardigan or hoody, funky leggings or jeans for all season wear.


  • Organic Cotton Jersey
  • Smocked neckline
  • Gathered at the back for a tapered fit
  • Unique bold graphics
  • Machine wash cold/dry low
  • Imported exclusively by Wee Urban
  • Designed In Canada