Wee Believe

Wee Believe ...in


A constant thread that remains strong is our desire to empower people to reach their full potential and help provide opportunities to lead, set goals and make changes in their lives and communities.

Our Vision, Mission and core values of quality, product, integrity, entrepreneurship and happiness help us shape lasting relationships with like-minded organizations as we "do good."

World Vision, Kiva, WWF, and Oxfam are organizations we support as we know it is possible to impact the world by simply giving back.

(From left to right: KIVA, World Vision Romper Donation, Rosa’s Orphanage in Guatemala)


Wee Urban recognises that textile manufacturers can help protect the environment.

We believe and are committed to finding ways to re-purpose our waste and reduce the impact of our operations.

Made Locally

We proudly source Canadian suppliers for our Made in Canada production. All our fabric is custom knit, dyed and finished in Ajax, Ontario.

Each step exceeds Environment Canada’s standards to ensure our dying process does not harm our environment. Fabrics developed with quality reduce the likelihood of resting in our landfills. Fabrics developed with durability can be reused and repurposed into bags and throw pillows.

Made Globally

Our Certified Fairtrade partners make it possible to develop and create quality products. We take great care in sourcing our GOTS Certified Organic fabrics and selecting our vendors that share our company values and obsession with quality and integrity.

Choosing Fairtrade means we give a farmer a better deal where they can make independent decisions to control their futures and lead the dignified life they deserve.

Recycle and Reuse

Each production run we cut 5×5 squares and donate to local schools, churches and local senior centers.

Because Wee Urban has access to local factories, all products returned to our headquarters are repaired (if possible) and donated to local shelters to assist families, refugees and women who are fleeing violence.