Our Story

Growing up in Nova Scotia, it was incredibly easy to venture off on an uncharted adventure and find joy in the simple things. And creative inspiration was everywhere I looked. Teaching myself how to refinish furniture I would purchase at auctions and trawling vintage shops for cool clothes to repurpose were my hobbies when I was a teenager with more time than money. I loved experimenting with different design ideas and I learned the value of good workmanship and that, often, less is more.

Always up for a challenge, I moved to Toronto to pursue a career in teaching. The big city was an inspiring place for different kinds of adventures. Weekends were spent exploring small Ontario towns and drinking in all of nature’s bounty. It was an exciting time, which included a whirlwind romance, marriage (yes, to the “romance guy” ;), and starting our beautiful family. It didn’t take long to realize that babies are an extraordinary creation that makes a person reflect on the very essence of our own humanity. AND further reflect on how much laundry two tiny humans can create!! When shopping for baby clothes, I found it difficult to find high quality, simple designs that were well made and understated. I wanted to buy things for my boys that aligned with my own principles of practicality and simplicity. I then realized that I needed to stop searching, and start sewing.

The first Wee Urban sleep bag prototype was made from super-soft, well loved sweatshirts that were headed to the donation box. With the help of my infant son, I adjusted and retooled until we found the design that would help us both sleep better at night. He loved the snuggly softness, and I loved knowing that he was safe from getting tangled in a blanket.

And so it began.

With the support and encouragement of my family, Wee Urban has grown from one sewing machine in my living room, to a thriving business of which I am very proud. Wee Urban is committed to supporting local and domestic trades for our MADE IN CANADA brand. In addition to our contributions to Kiva in support of women entrepreneurs worldwide, we insist that our imported line be produced where sustainability, ethical practices and fair wages are part of their guiding principles.

I am proud of the success of Wee Urban. It has been a steep learning curve for this teacher from Down East, but it has offered me an opportunity to apply my core life principles to a business that is often thrilling and sometimes scary, but most of all, deeply fulfilling. I am especially grateful for the support of my family, friends, colleagues and loyal customers who have joined me on this awesome adventure.

Thank you,
Holly MacLean