Where Can Young Moms Find the Best Steals on Baby Supplies?

Where Can Young Moms Find the Best Steals on Baby Supplies

Having a baby is expensive, with out-of-pocket expenses ranging upwards of $3,000if you happen to have health insurance. After footing the bill for doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and extra days off, you might be nervous about buying all of the other baby equipment your friends and family members say you need. Fortunately, you might be able to save a bundle by shopping smart. Here are four tips for finding the best steals on baby supplies, so you can save money and focus on your new addition.


Saturday Morning Garage Sales

When babies grow up, parents find themselves with loads of extra gizmos, gadgets, and furniture—which they tend to get rid of later. After all, who wants to fill their spare bedroom with baby bouncers and port-a-cribs? Fortunately, you might be able to score some great deals on baby gear by checking out Saturday morning garage sales. Believe it or not, these days some garage sales are held online via social media, so you can see what people are selling before you drive across town.


The Scratch-and-Dent Section

Sure, that pristine mahogany crib might seem like the perfect addition to your nursery, but as soon as your baby learns to bite, toss, and smear, those spindles might be dinged and dirty in no time. Instead of paying for perfect furniture, swallow your pride and peruse the scratch-and-dent section of your favorite furniture store. The furniture might not be perfect, but you might be able to save some serious money on pieces that won’t stay pristine anyway.


Online Auction Sites

Online auction sites like Craigslist and Ebay might not seem like attractive places to shop for baby items, but you can save a bundle on things like shoes, clothing, bedding, books, and toys. Some sellers even sell baby gear in large lots, so you can score several items for one low package price.


Send In Those Free Vouchers

Before you leave the hospital, your nurse will give you a folder jam packed with offers from baby supply manufacturers. Although it might seem time-intensive to send in vouchers for free bottles, formula, and nursing covers, tossing that paperwork might mean hundreds of dollars worth of missed gear. Always take advantage of free offers, no matter how small.

You can also find a lot of good coupons online. Sites like Discountrue.com often offer some of the best deals for Nordstrom.com so you can save at stores you love.


With all of the money you save on baby supplies, you might be able to extend your maternity leave and snuggle that brand new baby.


~ Brooke Chaplan ~


Thank you again Brooke, another brilliant and helpful article!

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