Valentine’s Day Presents to Pamper Mom

pamper momWe all know how much work our mothers do for their families every day There’s no one who deserves a holiday break as much as a mom. They cook, clean, manage their kids, run errands, all while holding full time jobs. With Valentine’s Day coming up, a nice gift to show mom how much she is appreciated is a gift that gives her a break from her regular schedule. Having some extra “me” time or time to spend with the family and not having to cook, clean, do errands, etc. goes a long way for mom. Here are five ways — from simple to extravagant — to give mom a break this Valentine’s Day.

1. Spa day

Mom will feel like a queen when you treat her to a relaxing day at the spa! You can buy her a gift certificate to spend a day at the spa getting a facial, massage, manicure/pedicure, etc. Mom deserves to be pampered and a spa day is the best way for her to relax away from home. Another creative spin on this is to consider buying a few goodies like bath salts, scented candles, and massage oils and treat mom to a spa day at home. Mom will appreciate the extra effort you put into creating an indulgent spa experience at in the comfort of her own home.

2. Personal chef service

When you want to give mom a delicious and elegant homemade meal while she gets a break from having to cook dinner, call up a personal chef to cook a meal right in your own kitchen or have a fresh meal delivered to your home. Personal chefs will do all of the planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and even cleaning! And the customized menu is created according to mom’s preferences. Mom is then left with a refrigerator full of prepared dishes that are healthy and savory to last the whole week. A break from cooking dinner for the entire week while still having a healthy, delicious meal on the table is a gift mom will never forget!

3. Handmade coupons

Handmade coupons are a simple and sweet gift that kids can make for mom to give her much needed breaks here and there when mom needs it most. Mom can redeem the coupons whenever she feels she needs some extra help or a break from housework. Such a simple gift, yet it makes a huge impact. On the days where mom feels frazzled or is being pulled in so many directions at once, redeeming a coupon is the perfect remedy to avoid being overstressed and overworked. Kids can get really creative with these coupons and make one for cooking dinner, doing dishes, doing laundry, washing the car, breakfast in bed, watching younger siblings while mom and dad enjoy a date night, etc. They can even give mom a coupon for one free hug! This gift is a great idea for those on a budget and mom will surely love it.

4. Hire a housekeeper

Call up a housekeeping service and hire someone for a weekend to tidy up your home from top to bottom. Mom won’t have to worry about sweeping, dusting or vacuuming for the week which frees up her time so she can sleep in, go shopping or just spend some relaxing time with the family. Of course another alternative is to gather up the troops (the kids!) and divide cleaning tasks among them so everyone does their part to keep the house clean for mom.

5. Weekend getaway

For an extravagant Valentine’s Day gift for mom, plan a nice weekend getaway at a cozy bed and breakfast or a big city destination mom’s been wanting to visit. Plan the weekend retreat around restaurants, shops, museums, or other places you know mom will want to explore. A luxury beach vacation is another great idea as mom will love lounging on the beach and enjoying the warm, sunny weather. This is sure to relax mom!

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