Top 10 Teething Tips

teething tipsTeething is a tough time for babies and toddlers and it’s tough on parents to watch their little ones fuss and cry from pain and discomfort. Teething toys can help due to their silicone textures that babies love to chew on. There are also several other homemade remedies you can try and tips you can follow to soothe your baby. Here are my top 10 teething tips all parents should know.

1. Rub baby’s gums

Teething babies gnaw on your fingers because they like the pressure against their gums. Rub your baby’s gums with a clean finger to put slight pressure on their gums which will feel good for baby.

2. Dry baby’s drool

Teething often causes babies to drool excessively which can irritate the skin, especially on baby’s chin. To prevent irritation, always keep a washcloth nearby to dry the drool.

3. Give baby a teether

Specially made teething toys can provide the perfect amount of resistance for baby.

4. Give baby a washcloth

You can soak a washcloth in water and apple juice and then give to baby to chew on. This is messier than using a teething toy but will work in a pinch.

5. Give baby frozen fruit

Place cold pieces of fruit in a mesh bag and give it to baby to chew on. You can also give baby a large frozen carrot or a frozen bagel. Just make sure it is not too hard or it can harm baby’s gums.

6. Clean baby’s mouth

Use a clean, damp washcloth to rub over baby’s gums which will keep bacteria from building up in baby’s mouth. When teeth begin to appear switch to using a small toothbrush with soft bristles.

7. Try cold baby food or yogurts

Babies that are teething may not want to eat. Try feeding them cold baby food or yogurts to help soothe the pain and fill their bellies.

8. Stick to the same sleep routine

Baby may start waking up during the night due to teething pain, but it’s important to stick to his usual sleep routine. If baby constantly cries for you and you go to check on him, he will begin to become dependent on you being there to fall asleep. If the sleep routine has already been disrupted, make sure you go back to it as soon as possible to reinforce it once again. The Family Sleep Institute can help with sleep training if any problems persist.

9. Keep an eye on teethers and pacifiers

Baby may be chewing more aggressively on teethers and pacifiers while teething so be sure to check them closely and look out for any broken or loose parts that can pose choking hazards. Inspect teething toys and pacifiers before every use for signs of wear and tear.

10. Check with your doctor

It’s common for baby to develop a low fever, runny nose or loose stools while teething, but you should still check with your doctor if your baby experiences these symptoms in case they are due to something more serious.

teething toysGuest blog by Lori Bredemeier, Founder of Little Toader.

Lori Bredemeier is the co-founder of Little Toader with her husband Michael. They are the inventors of AppeTEETHERS, safe and effective teething toys for babies that look like real foods!

What makes AppeTEETHERS safe:

1. AppeTEETHERS are solid silicone and extremely durable. There are no parts and there are no surface materials that could possibly come apart or detached.

2. Lori and Michael are germ-a-phobes! This is another reason they chose silicone. AppeTEETHERS are not porous so they do not absorb germs, dirt, or any other undesirable deposits. This makes them very easy to clean at home or on the go.

3. AppeTEETHERS do not have topical paint. All of our coloring is the actual color of the silicone. There is no risk of flaking or having the paint rub off into your baby’s mouth.

Consistently ranking in the top teething toys, AppeTEETHERS are a truly unique teething solution. Babies love them and parents get a kick out of watching their precious bundle of joy using them. All Little Toader products are tested and are Consumer Product Safety Commission compliant.


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