Stylish and Eco-friendly Diaper Bags Moms Will Love

Diaper bags are an absolute essential item for mothers of all aged children. They’re necessary to hold so many different items that their child will need throughout the day while away from home. Due to this, finding the perfect diaper bag can sometimes be a little difficult with so many options to choose from.

Eco-friendly moms would certainly be looking for diaper bags that aren’t harmful to the environment or their children – something made from safe and non-toxic materials. Here are some suggestions of eco-friendly diaper bags for mothers.

Ergo Baby Carriers 

eco-friendly diaper bag

The company Ergo Baby provides a full assortment of diaper bags, backpacks, changing stations, and front carrier pouches that can be chosen in a bunch of different colors and designs. The best part about this wide selection is that their products are all made of organic cotton. These products are available through their website as well as various retailers.


eco-friendly diaper bag

Upon first glance, it may look like Kalencom’s diaper bags are not eco-friendly due to the fact that they are made from PVC. However, the company assures it’s customers that the PVC they use contains no phthalates or other harmful chemicals that can be found in some baby products. Their diaper bags and accessories come in many different styles and designs, and they can also be found on their website and at retail sites.


eco-friendly diaper bag

Fleurville is an interesting company in that they are one of the very few that make their diaper bags out of recycled water bottles (PET). Also, the company says the bags are free of PVC, phthalates, and BPA chemicals. The products they offer are both fashionable and practical for moms looking for effective diaper bags for their child. These products can be found online through their website.

Diaper Dude

eco-friendly diaper bag

Diaper Dude offers both diaper bags and baby changing stations for dads on the go, and in manly designs. They are another company who has managed to make their products out of the material from recycled water bottles. Also, they are free if PVC and phthalates similar to almost all the other eco-friendly diaper bags on this list. They can be found through the company’s website as well as on

Maxwell Designs 

eco-friendly diaper bag

Maxwell Designs is a unique brand that is a part of This company offers diaper bags that are purely made of hemp products! These hemp bags are free of dyes and synthetic fillers, making them another great eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious moms. They can be found on the company’s website.

organic bedding and accessoriesGuest Blog by Jennifer Cicci of Babee Talk

As a mother, Jennifer understands the importance of offering nothing by the best for baby. Motivated by teeth marks on her children’s cribs, she decided to design a teething rail cover after trying products that didn’t measure up when it came to quality or style. What she found out made her even more concerned about children’s safety and health: The toxic chemicals used in the production of synthetic materials have been linked to birth defects, reproductive disorders, and weakened immune systems.

She asked herself, “What if I could revolutionize the way parents decorated their crib with a safe and stylish teething rail cover that could be placed on the crib from day one?” Babee Talk® launched in 2014 with organic bedding and accessories. Chew-friendly, drool-friendly, and organic inside and out, her products ensure a healthy start in life for babies.

She only offers products that she would provide for her own children. She hopes moms and dads will start to talk about the importance of choosing safe, healthy, eco-friendly products, especially for babies.

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