St. Paddy’s Drinks… Clean Ones!


We’re all about inclusivity at Wee Urban, so we want to make all of you are able to enjoy St. Paddy’s as much as possible.

Here we have 5 different St. Patrick’s Day recipes for drinks sans alcohol. For the DD, or the little ones! Everyone can enjoy these flavourful drinks, some of which are even healthy!


1) St. Patrick’s Day Punch

This great punch is simple and made with only 3 ingredients (sherbet, pineapple juice and ginger ale), it’s fun, festive and super easy to put together in a jiff.

check out the full recipe here at Pocket Change Gourmet 


2) Homemade Shamrock Shake

Mint, mint, mint…. mmmmm mint. If you’re a fan, well you’ve come to the right place as our popular green flavour is oh so ever popular for St. Paddy’s. Check out the great recipe and enjoy…

[Get the recipe]

3) St. Pat-tini

It’s a mock-tail…. get it? Include your kids and enjoy… who doesn’t love Green Jello!

[View the recipe at Anders Ruff]

4) Key Lime Pie Green Smoothie

Vegan, gluten free, easy to make and healthy! Fool your kids into think they’re having a treat when they’re really being extremely healthy!

[View the recipe at Healthful Pursuit]

5) Kale Never Fails! 

Kale is the new craze, so make sure you get the young one’s on board. Disguise it as a special St. Paddy’s day treat and maybe they’ll want it every day till next March comes around.

Get the recipe here via Real Simple



Have a great day everyone! Enjoy!

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