Outdoor Nature Activities for the Kids This Spring

outdoor activities for kidsSpring time is meant to be spent outdoors! After a long winter inside, it’s time to start enjoying the nicer weather and all that nature has to offer. Teach your kids to love the great outdoors with these six nature activities:

1. Go on a picnic.

Enjoy nature by taking the kids to a local park and having a picnic! Picnics are a great spring activity for the kids because it not only allows them to run around outside, but they also get to hang out in a pretty park and eat their favorite snacks. Use this as an opportunity to get them good and tired before returning home.

2. Make a bird feeder

Use an outdoor table because this activity can get messy. Have the kids collect a few pine cones from your backyard, and then roll them in peanut butter and birdseeds. Once they are ready, put them in your trees and watch from your window as the birds flock to your fun nature project. If your children really enjoy watching the birds, you could step up to a legitimate birdhouse.

3. Make flower pictures.

Flower pictures are a cute way to bring the beauty of flowers inside without making a mess. If you have wild flowers anywhere near by, pick some with your children. Using construction paper and glue, fasten the flowers to the paper in whatever arrangement they prefer. Now you can hang them on the wall. (Eventually the petals will wilt entirely and you’ll have to discard it.)

4. Hunt for animal tracks.

If you’re up for an adventure, head to a local trail and search for animal tracks! Read this article to learn more about tracking animals. You might also find an app for your smartphone that will help you recognize different tracks. Teach them to identify deer, squirrels, raccoons, or anything else that wanders your local woods. Don’t chase anything to dangerous!

5. Plant something.

What better way to be one with nature than to plant something? Make a small garden with the kids and watch it grow together. Use this as an opportunity to teach about the value of hard work and the pride of creating something. Grow something that can be eaten later in the year so they can enjoy their work.

6. Go for a bike ride.

Another great outdoor activity for the whole family to enjoy is bike riding. Kids love riding bikes. They probably already ride them around your driveway or on your road. Expand the adventure for them by taking them on long ride. Journey to different neighborhoods, of if you’re daring, around some local trails. Challenge them to remember the way home.

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