Is Your Nursing Pillow Safe? 10 Questions To Ask

safe nursing pillowBreastfeeding moms often rely on nursing pillows for added comfort and support while feeding their babies. What many of these mothers don’t know is that the nursing pillow they’re using to feed their little one may not be the healthiest or safest option.

Recent studies show that some nursing pillows and other items in the nursery that are made from foam require fire-retardant chemicals which can cause harm to the health and well-being of families. More than anything, I want moms and babies to keep safe and so here 10 questions to ask yourself when purchasing a nursing pillow:

  1. Is it hypo-allergenic?
  2. Is it non-toxic?
  3. Is it non-flammable?
  4. Is it foam-free?
  5. Is it lead-free?
  6. Is it phthalate-free?
  7. Is it glue-free?
  8. Is it odor-free?
  9. Is it recyclable?
  10. Is it eco-friendly? 

Here are some innovative, important features a proper nursing pillow must have:

1. Designed GREEN for baby’s future

It should be made of 100% virgin polyfiber, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-flammable, and recyclable. Odor-free, glue-free, foam-free, lead-free and Phthalate-free.

2. Come with a privacy cover

You want complete discretion while nursing, but made from a lightweight material that allows continuous airflow, and stores inside its own pocket when not in use. This piece should be easily detachable for quick machine wash-and-dry.

3. Perimeter comfort bolster

A good nursing pillow has a complete perimeter bolster that provides extraordinary support and comfort, surrounding your baby in soft, reassuring security. Extra piece of mind for mom, too.

4. Capable surface design

You want an angled surface design to positions baby’s head and body towards the mother’s breast, encouraging proper positioning, latch, suckle and swallow.

5. A detachable back pillow

Nursing can be strenuous on your back, shoulders, and neck. Find a nursing pillow that comes with a position-able back pillow for optimum posture and comfort, helping to strain.

6. Flexible waist strap

Women come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to have an adjustable strap that will fit around anyone, of any type, in any position.

7. High quality fabrics

You don’t want something cheap that’ll just fall apart. A good pillow should be made of quality materials with covers that are removable for machine wash-and-dry. Wrinkle-free and lead-free (no zippers or snaps).

8. Convenient pockets

You’ll be using your nursing pillow a lot, so it’s important to have everything necessary within close reach. Use a pillow with multiple pockets for items like the remote or your cell phone.

nursing pillowWritten by Sandy Clark, Inventor of San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow

San Diego Bebe® was designed by San Diego native Sandy Clark, a passionate breastfeeding advocate and mother of twins. Clark was inspired at a San Diego beach one day where she witnessed a young mother unsuccessfully nursing her baby. As the mother struggled to keep a blanket across her shoulder while her baby wailed from heat and hunger, Clark vowed then and there to design a product that would help resolve the issue of privacy while nursing. San Diego Bebe® was born that day.

When Clark sent her nursing pillow to Duke to be tested and reviewed, Duke University Chemical Scientist Dr. Heather Stapleton, who is a mother herself, said, “The San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is not only a very supportive pillow with amazing features for discreet nursing, but is also free of flame-retardant chemicals that have been shown to cause adverse health effects in animal studies. I applaud Double Blessings (Clark’s company) for taking steps to produce high quality products that meet the same flammability standards without using these chemicals.”

San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow is the healthiest and most innovative nursing pillow on the market. Made with virgin polyfiber Eco*Loft™, a non-toxic and hypo-allergenic foam-alternative, it’s void of harmful chemicals. It’s also recyclable and eco-friendly. San Diego Bebe® is available in two versions, for nursing one baby or twins. The entire line is baby-safe, and is covered with deluxe plush fabrics including organic cotton.

Click to view a Nursing Pillow Comparison Chart to learn more.

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