Inexpensive Ikea Furniture To Enhance Your Playroom

When it comes to a playroom, you want to make it the best possible play area for your child, while also getting good deals on the toys and furniture you use for it. Luckily, Ikea is packed to the walls with modern, quality furniture that you can get for a very reasonable price. Plus, playrooms are transitional, meaning you only need them for three to five years. As your child grows, eventually a playroom won’t be necessary. Ikea furniture is great because you can continue to use it after the playroom stage.

Here’s a list of inexpensive Ikea furniture that you can purchase to enhance the kids’ playroom.

1. TROFAST Toy Storage Series

Ikea furniture for your playroom

A playroom is bound to get messy with a ton of toys being used throughout the week. Getting storage units for these various toys, among other items that will quickly become clutter, is a vital aspect of the playroom area to keep it nice and tidy. This brand offers more options than you could think of with a complete range of sizes, colors, and shapes. Whether you just need a small bin for a few toys or multiple compartments for a ton of storage, the TROFAST series has you covered.

2. DUKTIG Toy Series

Ikea furniture for your playroom

This series of toys makes it easy and fun for kids to copy what adults do. These toys are not only going to be fun to play with for your child, but they will also be important for developing social and technical skills in the process. From realistic kitchen set-ups and products to workbenches with tools and accessories, this inexpensive furniture is perfect for your children to have at their disposal.

3. MAMMUT Furniture Series

Ikea furniture for your playrooms

“Inspired by the creative shapes in cartoons, the MAMMUT series gives kids fun furniture of their own.” Featuring rounded corners, odd-looking shapes, and colorful shades of paint these miniature pieces of furniture are the perfect fit for a child’s playroom. They even offer raised edges on the tables to prevent spills during all those tea parties your kid will be hosting!

4. KALLAX Shelving Series

Ikea furniture for your playroom

We recommend this piece to a LOT of our clients. It’s modern, white and works well with our labeling system. It’s also very affordable. We have most of our clients lie this piece on its side, so not only do you get great organization, but the “top” serves as additional play space and space to store toys. When your children grow out of their playrooms, you can use this piece in just about any other room in your home.

custom designed playroomsGuest Blog by Karri Bowen-Poole, Founder of Smart Playrooms

Smart Playrooms is owned and operated by teachers with many years of classroom experience and expertise. They bring the most effective classroom organization techniques and learning strategies into your home.

Smart Playrooms works to encourage kids to get back to the basics of play, using their creative side for art projects and imaginary play. Stressing that less is more, they help moms focus on the toys that will add to the experience. Some moms ask them to help organize their home, but Karri and Chris really like the idea of using their educational backgrounds to create custom designed playrooms. Plus, this gives them a niche in the market. Former teachers setting up your playroom – what could be better!

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