Ideas for Teaching Your Kids to Recycle

teach kids about recyclingTeaching your kids to recycle is a great starting point for teaching them how to take care of the environment. Recycling is really easy once you create a routine. The more you make recycling fun, the more likely your kids will be to take part.  Here are six ideas for teaching your kids to recycle:

Teach Through Books First

There are tons of great children’s books about recycling (and doing what one can to take care of the Earth). Before you have them recycle, have them read about what it is and why it is right. Ask them questions about recycling to reinforce their learning. One book we recommend is The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling by Allison Inches.


The best way to teach your child the benefits of recycling is by showing them the importance of Mother Earth. Buy a few flowers and plant them with your child. Explain how if you use up too many of the Earth’s resources and don’t recycle, plants and animals could suffer.

Teach What Can Be Recycled

After you explain to them what recycling is, make sure to show them what can and cannot be recycled. Teach them the difference between paper, plastic, and metal goods, and how each be turned into something new. You can show them what the recycling symbol looks like and even make a game out of who recycles the most every week!

Arts and Crafts

Another way you can teach your kids to recycle is by using recyclable materials in your next arts and crafts project. This shows them that you can reuse different things in many ways and even create something beautiful. You could use paper scraps to make a mosaic, turn empty jugs and bottles into instruments, or build projects out of scrap materials.

Visit Your Local Recycling Center

Showing your child where recycled items go will help them to see why it can be important to recycle. The better they understand the process, the more they will recycle! If you don’t know where to find your local recycling center try searching on Earth911.

Lead by Example

If you don’t recycle everything that can be recycled, why would your kids? Make sure that you are setting a good example by recycling all the things that can be recycled. Stop throwing out those plastic bottles!

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