How to Get Quality Baby Products at Low Cost

save money on baby gearIf there’s one universal truth about babies, it’s that they can be super expensive. We want them to have the best of everything, but that can cost a fortune. Fortunately, there are ways you can save money without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on finding quality baby products at a low cost.

1. Wait to buy

The best plans are always the ones that are made in advance. One of the best ways to save money on baby’s things is to wait to go shopping until after they are born. Although you should make a list of things you think they will need, you aren’t going to know exactly what will be needed until they are born. You can save money by waiting and not buying things that won’t be needed.

2. Research

It’s best to research all of the things you need before you buy them. You can get great deals on things if you search around. Make a list of what you need and go online searching for the best products and deals out there. When researching you should also see what people are saying about the product and see if there have been any recalls recently.

3. Stick to the essentials

If you have a strict budget you have to stick to, only buy what you really need. A baby needs diapers, a car seat, clothing, blankets, and a few other obvious things. You don’t need to buy every new baby gadget on the market. Stick to buying the essentials and save your money for what is needed, not wanted.

4. Hand-me-downs

A great way to save money is to buy your baby’s things either used or get from friends. If you feel uncomfortable buying something used for your baby, ask a friend whose children have grown if she has any baby things still around.  Friends and families are great resources when looking to save money.

5. Buy on sale

Now that you are a mother, you are going to have to learn how to shop sales. Parents who don’t buy on sale or use coupons can spend up to 25%-30% more than parents who do. If you find a coupon, use it!

pacifier holderGuest Blog by Julie Tabor Thompson, Founder & President of Bounce Innovations, Inventor of PullyPalz

As a mother of two, Julie found she was continuously retrieving dropped pacifiers, because even though they spit them out, they still want them immediately! She called it “the pacifier game,” and, at times, it was difficult to play. One day, she thought, ‘I wish somebody would invent a …’ A what? What could make it so babies can keep up with their pacifiers? Clips help parents keep up with pacifiers, but they don’t help the baby. Babies don’t understand when it’s behind their shoulder or around their side. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. She started by making the first prototype in her kitchen (which included melting molding plastic, an instruction manual for her sewing machine, and YouTube videos). Several designs later, the PullyPalz were born… The first ever pacifier toy that – with the help of baby’s interaction – keeps pacis coming back!

Her goal is to offer unique products that make life and parenthood just a little easier, and ultimately more enjoyable. Compatible products (teethers and toys) will be coming to market soon. Julie also offers product development and consultation services for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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