Child Safety in Your Home: What Might You Be Missing?

Making your home safe for children requires you to be proactive. If you don’t take steps to child proof every room your child may enter, a tragic accident may occur one day. You must spot problems before they become accidents. To help, below are a few things you may be overlooking in your home in regards to child safety.
Secure Poisonous Chemicals

Many household cleaners may seem innocuous, but they can be deadly to a child who doesn’t know any better and drinks the nasty stuff. This is why you need to take precautions. If you keep cleaners and other chemical based solutions under your sink, latch the cabinet door shut with a lock and put the key away where it can’t be found. Storing such items in a high above shelf is another good idea.

Use Baby Gates

If you have a baby, toddler or young child, baby gates are a necessity. This is especially the case around stairs. A slip and fall for a young child could be fatal. There may also be rooms you want to keep the child out of for safety reasons like the kitchen. Thankfully, baby gates can be purchased for protection. Rather than buying in-store, search for the best options suitable for your home online from sites like You can also find online coupons from places like this page that you can use to purchase at a discount.

Use Outlet Covers

Another thing a child may unwittingly do is try to play with an electrical outlet. Sticking something inside an outlet can certainly lead to electrocution. However, the solution is simple. Just plug plastic outlet covers into all your outlets. A baby or toddler won’t be able to remove the cover. Only plug in appliances when you are using them. Otherwise, use a cover. A young child is certainly smart enough to know how to pull out a cord.

Don’t Use the Front Burners

Another common accident happens when a child knocks over a hot pan or bubbling pot on a stove top. Thankfully, the solution to this possible hazard is simple enough. Just use the back burners to cook your food. It will also help to make sure your child is kept at a safe distance from the stove when it’s in use regardless.

Use Edge Bumpers

Unfortunately, sometimes children run head first into sharp corners on tables, furniture and more. This can cause serious injury and even blindness. One way to guard against this possibility is to purchase edge bumpers and place them on all edges on furniture, fireplaces and anything else with a sharp corner.
Child proofing your home takes some work and strategic thinking. However, it is always worth it to prevent a possible injury to your child.


~Rachelle Wilber ~

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