Baby Savings: Six Must-Haves for a Frugal Mom-to-Be

New parents often mistakenly believe having a baby is going to cost a small fortune. While it is never exactly cheap, you don’t have to go broke before your new baby arrives if you stick to the necessities, and avoid buying excess items. For any new frugal family, use these buying tricks for your new baby.

Baby Savings Six Must-Haves for a Frugal a Mom-to-Be 1Co-Sleeper, Not a Crib
Thousands of parents shell out a huge amount of money for a fancy crib and later find their baby rarely uses it. Instead of buying an $800 laundry basket, buy a co-sleeper. These attach to your bed so your baby can sleep close to you, and once they outgrow the co-sleeper portion, it converts into a pack-and-play, an essential when your baby becomes mobile, and you need to corral them safely.

Baby Savings Six Must-Haves for a Frugal a Mom-to-Be 2A Baby Carrier
Babies need to be held. It doesn’t mean they’re spoiled, it’s a basic human need especially in those early stages. Eventually, your arms and back are going to get extremely tired toting a chubby baby around, and a baby carrier will be a huge lifesaver. Skip the cheap carriers you find at most big box stores, and opt for something that supports your baby knee to knee. You can find high-quality buckle carriers, woven wraps, and slings that will keep your baby and your back happy and comfortable.

Baby Savings Six Must-Haves for a Frugal a Mom-to-BeA Bath Sling
Washing a slippery little baby in the bathtub can be tricky. A bath sling sits in the tub or sink and supports your baby so you can use both hands to wash them. These are extremely useful until your baby becomes mobile, and are adjustable to fit your baby as they learn to sit up unsupported.

Baby Savings Six Must-Haves for a Frugal a Mom-to-Be 4Bumbo
These little rubber chairs help your baby sit up before they’re fully able to on their own, and they’re a great way to keep them contained while you’re cooking, cleaning, or folding laundry. They suit babies from about 12 weeks until they start crawling.

Baby Savings Six Must-Haves for a Frugal a Mom-to-Be 5Cloth Diapers
Besides formula, diapers are one of the biggest costs incurred when you have a baby. Cloth diapers will end up saving you hundreds of dollars and will even help the environment. Thanks to new diaper advancements, you don’t have to use pre-folds and diaper pins. Many cloth diapers are exactly like disposable ones except you can wash and reuse them again and again, and you can even find them at big-box stores like Target and Babies R Us. Use an online coupon like the ones at for even more savings.

Onesies and Baby Leg Warmers
It’s tempting to buy a ton of cute clothes, but you’ll find when you’re exhausted or your baby is fussy, the last thing you’ll want to do is fight to put an entire outfit on them. Onesies and leg warmers make diaper changes fast and easy, and many new moms agree they wish they had stuck with these simple outfits during the first years.

Kids really don’t get expensive until they’re older. Babies only require warmth, food, and a safe car seat to thrive and be happy. Before you empty your savings account on baby items, talk with experienced moms to avoid wasting money on products you’ll never use.



~ Brooke Chaplan ~

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