5 Steps to Plan a Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

plan a kids' valentine's day partyValentine’s Day is a fun and simple holiday where we celebrate affection and love. As we get older, Valentine’s Day carries more romantic meaning, but for kids it’s just an excuse to have fun.

Throwing a party to celebrate Valentine’s Day is a favorite of some parents because it’s especially affordable. The food and decorations are inexpensive and it doesn’t require the exchanging of potentially expensive gifts. All you need is a bit of chocolate and a willingness to host a roomful of kids for a few hours.

Here are five easy steps to plan a Valentine’s Day party.

1. Send invitations.

Depending on the age of your child and number of people who you can afford to host, first you’ll have to make a guest list. If you child is school aged it might be easiest to just invite the whole class so no one is left behind. Pick a date that offers plenty of notice and location (likely your house) that’s not difficult to get to.

Make or buy cute Valentine’s Day invitations with hearts and Cupids. If you’re inviting a small number of people, making personalized invitations can be fun. You can make anything out of construction paper and paste.

2. Create a menu.

Choose the food you’ll serve. Don’t forget your guests are mostly children so you’ll want to stay away from spicy dishes or complicated favors they may not have been exposed to yet. Find out if any of your guests are vegetarians or have allergies beforehand so you can plan accordingly.

Don’t forget the chocolates and candy! It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without lots of sugary treats and a colorful cake – of course all in moderation!

3. Plan Valentine’s Day games.

A good kids’ party needs some structure, otherwise you’ll have a madhouse of running and yelling kids. Before your party, plan some Valentine’s Day games and gather anything you need to run them.

You could use the Valentine’s conversation hearts (small heart candies with saying and phrases) to see who could make the longest sentence.  “Spot the Heart” is a fun scavenger hunt-like game where you hide heart stickers throughout the house and compete to find the most. Or, create anonymous love letters from popular storybook characters and have them guess who they’re from.

4. Decorate the room.

Pick up or make decorations that follow the traditional Valentine’s Day theme. Include lots of red, pink, and white. Colored streamers are an affordable and effective way to decorate for any occasion and they’re easy to dispose afterwards. Any local party store or department store will stock Valentine’s Day decorations around the holiday.

5. Send them home with gifts.

Everyone loves a goodie bag! It’s easy to create gift bags for kids’ parties because they’re easily pleased. A handful of candy, a big lollipop, stickers, colorful pencils, and maybe a small plastic toy will go over well. Throw it all inside a small red gift bag and you’ve given them something to take home to remember the party. As always, be sure about any allergies before you dole out food.

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