Beach Day - 5 Family Friendly Tips

If there’s one thing I love is spending the day at the beach or lake with my kids.

Here are a few tips parents can use to make the day great!

  1. Make it an adventure! Start pumping up your kids for an epic day the night before.  I know, you’re probably not going to the Caribbean, but your kids don’t know that, so leave out as many details as possible and say- “tomorrow we are going on an adventure!” Drop some hints but keep the suspense going, they tend to roll out of bed happier and much quicker knowing there is a surprise to come.
  2. Pack snacks, rather than a lunch. Let's face it, kids don’t eat, they snack and as much as we’d love for them to sit and eat, let them run for the day. A quick stop to a local fruit stand and the bulk barn will totally solve this problem and provide a plethora of choices for your littles.   
  3. Now that you’ve got all your snacks, pack them in as many different sized plastic containers.                                                              Once your kiddos eat everything up- you’ll have them ready to build castles!  Even the lids can serve a purpose to engineer in roads, walls and to help compact your sandy creations. We prefer Betty Crocker with four side clip locks because they are thicker and kids can squish the sides in to release the molded sand.  We found these at the Dollar Store. The best part, your kids can stack the sand blocks and they seem to stay in tack! Hello- tunnels!
  4. Downtime, yes, it is possible!  After creative play, bring your kids into the shade and chill. Teaching our kids to appreciate some daydreaming time is so important to this generation.  Bring along some Maze books, word searches, deck of cards, mini puzzles and most importantly a new book you can all read together. Hey, let's go crazy and bring the newspaper and read that- lol! Read, chill and continue to snack. Repeat😊

 Clean up- Ok so here is the control freak in me!  Assign roles for each kiddo to help clean-up after a fun day at the beach. Get them to rinse all the Betty Crocker containers, gather toys, run items to the garbage etc.  Everyone can have a role while rolling at the beach.

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