5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

thanksgiving activitiesThanksgiving is almost here and it’s the perfect time to bond with your family and celebrate the holidays! There are plenty of activities you can do with your kids to teach them about Thanksgiving and keep them occupied while you’re busy cooking dinner in the kitchen. I love to play with my kids – I have a mission of making parenting fun. That’s why the I’d like to share my favorite Thanksgiving activities for the kids to get into the holiday spirit.

1. Make a Thanksgiving turkey

This staple of Thanksgiving arts & crafts is super easy and fun to make for kids of all ages. You’ll need some construction paper, pencil, markers or crayons and a free hand! Place your child’s hand on a piece of construction paper and trace around the hand and in between fingers with a pencil. Have your child color in the feathers (a.k.a fingers). Next draw eyes and a beak on the turkey and little claws for feet. Feel free to make it more creative by using several colored sheets of construction paper and layering the hands and add some googly eyes.

2. Create a paper Pilgrim hat

For this craft you’ll need some black poster board or construction paper, white paper, a stapler, glue, markers, and paper clips. Draw a Pilgrim hat shape on the black poster board and then draw a separate wide headband shape on the poster board (make sure it’s large enough to fit around your child’s head). Cut out the pieces and decorate with a square, gold buckle drawn on paper. Staple the bottom of the hat to the center of the headband. Secure the headband/hat around your child’s head using the paper clips.

3. Bake turkey cookies

You can bake sugar cookies from scratch or use a sugar cookie mix and then have your kids help you decorate them to look like turkeys. You’ll need to frost the cookies with a chocolate frosting covering the top of the cookie for the turkey’s body. Add upside down candy corn in a fan shape to the top of the cookie for the bird’s feathers. Use mini M&Ms for eyes or pipe them and the bird’s beak and feet with yellow icing. Add yellow, red, orange and brown sprinkles for extra decoration.

4. Make Indian corn decorations

For this craft you will need raffia paper in a natural color, scissors, glue, colored tissue paper, and yellow poster board. Make corn stalks out of untwisted raffia paper and fan out the husks. Cut out an ear of corn from the yellow posted board and glue it to the corn husks. Crumple 3-inch colored tissue paper squares to create corn kernels and glue them to the ear of corn. Tie the bottom of the raffia paper to complete. For more detailed instructions visit http://spoonful.com/crafts/paper-indian-corn.

5. Make Thanksgiving puppets

You can make Pilgrim and Indian puppets out of a toilet paper rolls, scissors, colored paper, glue and markers. Wrap the toilet paper tube in colored paper — black for Pilgrims, brown for Indians. Add a different color paper for the faces and draw on eyes, a nose and mouth for each puppet. Cut small paper rectangles and snip along the bottom to make a “fringe.” Wrap the rectangle around the head of the puppet for hair. Add a little headband and feather for the Indians and Pilgrim hats and bonnets for the Pilgrims.

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