5 Easy & Simple Ways to Give Back to the Community

give back to communityIt’s essential that we all give back to our community, even if it’s just a small, simple way. It doesn’t take much to positively impact each other’s lives. Even if you don’t have much money, you can always improve the lives of the people around you by donating your time or your skills. It’s always possible to make a difference.

I strongly believe that it’s important to give back to your community on a personal and professional level. That’s why here at Wee Urban, we happily contribute to numerous charities including: Sick Kids Hospital, Lukemia Society of Canada, Meagans Walk, Oxfam, World Widelife Fund.  We also recycle our remnants and donate as much as possible to local elementary schools to help with arts and crafts programs.

Giving back does not always mean you need to give a monetary donation. There are many ways to give back by simply donating your time. Here are five simple ways families can give back to their communities.

1. Visit a nursing home

Many elderly people don’t have any family or friends to visit them at the nursing home, and they feel very lonely when they have no one to visit with. Stop by your local nursing home and spend some time with the residents. Talk to them, listen to their stories or even bring a game to play or movie to watch. Take it a step further a coordinate a play or musical performance; the elderly love this type of entertainment. Elderly people love spending time with children who have a positive and radiant energy they bring with them. Another nice idea is to have your kids make cards for the elderly or draw pictures to give as gifts on your visit.

2. Turn your unwanted goods into donations

Go through your house and gather up items like clothes, toys, books, and other household items that you no longer use or want and start your own garage sale. You can even share your idea with other neighbors and ask them to donate any unwanted items to your garage sale. All of the proceeds from your sale can be donated to a local charity or shelter in your neighborhood that could use the help. Any items that are left unsold can also be donated to a charity or shelter to help those in need.

3. Volunteer with after school programs

There are plenty of after school programs and YMCA groups that could use extra help with the kids. These programs often need more volunteers to help with activities and chaperones for trips. You can help kids learn a skill like playing a sport, riding a bike, arts and crafts, growing a plant and more. Kids look up to the different people in their lives and appreciate those who help them, teach them, and spend time with them. It’s good to know that you are the positive influence in the lives of young children who will one day grow up to become successful and smart. Best of all, they may also want to give back to their community.

 4. Tidy up your neighborhood

Volunteer to help clean up your neighborhood and pick trash off the street and sidewalks. Encourage others to do the same and put up “no littering” signs around town. Also visit your local park and offer to clean up trash. When others see you doing your part to keep it clean, they will likely be more mindful of where they leave their trash and some might be inspired to follow your lead and volunteer to clean up as well.

5. Give out care packages to the needy

Care packages for the homeless and those in need are simple to make and you don’t need to spend too much money to make them. You can visit a dollar store and pick up some essential items like soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, socks, underwear, and canned food to put in a box and deliver to a homeless shelter, church, or local chairty. They will distribute them out as needed During the cold winter months you can collect gloves, hats, scarves, and jackets to donate so people can keep warm.

organic baby toddler clothingWritten by Holly MacLean from Wee Urban

As a new mom, Holly was driven to start Wee Urban™ to offer the modern family a unique and fresh collection of eco-friendly baby gear and accessories that goes beyond the conventional and explores the exceptional! Tired of traditional pinks and blues and cute motifs, we offer sophisticated designs, “conscious” organic alternatives, practical functionality and superior quality. Using our custom certified organic cotton blends, low-impact dyes, and other trendsetting fabrics, we hope to inspire families to be make better choices and of course- do it all in urban style!

Beyond our organic cotton and azo-free dyes, Wee Urban uses 100% post-consumer packaging and tags for our Wee Dreams™ Sleep Bags. Our distinctive screen-printing is done with 100% eco-inks and are all phthalate free.

We also recycle our remnants and donate as much as possible to local elementary schools to help with arts and crafts programs.

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